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Hebei Orient Int’l Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. The company is affiliated to the World Level Supply Chain Management Group. The group consists of World Class Supply Chain (Hebei Free Trade Zone) Co., Ltd., Hebei Orient Int’l Logistics Co., Ltd. Hebei Unsung Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Allot Internet  Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Yuantang Gene Technology Co., Ltd. and Shihang Management Hebei Co., Ltd. are jointly formed by six companies to form a complete international trade service industry chain.


The main business includes: import and export trade of second-hand cars, auto parts, machinery and equipment, international logistics, international business consulting, clean engineering design and installation, project and industrial planning and design, equipment integration, budget and cost, manpower and labor export. The group's goal is to maximize the company's service and management business level, and achieve a standardized management system of "industrialization, internationalization, and modernization". Pave the way for enterprises to go abroad, help enterprises to land overseas with a nanny-like service attitude, and provide one-stop security service guarantee and management.

The senior executives of the company have many years of experience abroad and have established deep friendships with many embassies and consulates in China. This has played a pioneering role in assisting the government to help Chinese companies expand overseas markets and go abroad. At the same time, the group has good relations with local governments abroad, and cooperates with many large and medium-sized enterprises in many aspects.The company is rich in foreign resources, especially in the fields of automobile trade, international cargo transportation, power projects, sewage treatment projects, new energy and renewable resource recycling. Hebei Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. under the name of Hebei Construction Engineering Group won the bid for Pakistan's sewage treatment project through our relationship, and the project has basically been completed.


Company Profile

In addition, the clean engineering laboratory project in Pakistan undertaken by our company has been fully completed and passed the acceptance of the owner.
The group has its own branches and offices in Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Russia, Laos, Vietnam, Germany and other countries. At the same time, we have established our own overseas warehouses in Pakistan and Uzbekistan, covering an area of about 10,000 square meters. Our company has signed long-term cooperation agreements with many automobile trading companies such as PKG, BILLOIN AND ASSOCIATES LIMITED, Roprem Nigeria, and Vehture. In terms of import and export trade, our company mainly deals in second-hand cars, second-hand equipment, auto parts, large logistics vehicles, textile equipment, steel, glass products, medicine, medical equipment, construction materials and decorative materials.At present, Hebei Foreign Trade Assets Operation Co., Ltd., a state-owned enterprise directly under the Hebei SASAC, and his subsidiary Hebei Free Trade Zone Yangyu Business Co., Ltd., Pakistan's DEA GROUP, Santex Group, PKG, and Uzbekistan's SILVER NOVA GROUP are jointly developing foreign special economic zones And overseas warehouse construction projects.

Main Business

The company's purpose: "Provide customers with the best service around the clock";
The company's slogan: "Your success is our pride!"
The group is willing to go hand in hand with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad, and sincerely cooperate, set sail and create brilliance together under the advocacy of the national "One Belt One Road" policy!

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