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Invitation For Bids

Bidding Document No. NPP-04M(R)-2020
1. National Transmission and Despatch Company Limited (NTDCL) “the Purchaser”, responsible for development and operation of power transmission system in the country, invites sealed bids on International Competitive Bidding (ICB) basis from eligible firms as defined under IB-3 of Instructions to Bidders of the Bidding Documents, registered with Income Tax and Sales Tax Departments and who are on Active Taxpayers List of the Federal Board of Revenue (if applicable) for supply of following quantities of Goods on CIF1 Karachi or Ex-Works Pakistan basis (including inland transportation in case of ExWorks delivery for goods supplied from within Pakistan) in a single Lot for Procurement of  material for 500kV D/C Transmission Line from K-2/K-3 Nuclear Power Plants to In/Out  point of S/C 500kV Port Qasim - Matiari Transmission Line (102 km) as given below.

Project Description:
Design, Manufacturing and Supply of Suspension and Tension Hardware Strings including Pre-RTV Coated 160kN Disc Insulators (Anti-Fog type Porcelain or Toughened Glass) for 500kV HVAC Double Circuit Quad Bundle Transmission Lines with AAAC Greeley Conductor.

2.The foreign Bidders having no representation in Pakistan, shall remit well in advance of the deadline for submission of Bids along with written application, if you are interested in this project,please contact us get the Bidding Documents, containing detailed terms and conditions, etc.
Telephone number:+86-15373082705/18931163615 (wechat)

3. All Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security in an amount not less than 2% of the Total
Bid Price in format prescribed in the Bidding Documents.

4. The Purchaser reserves the right to reject all bids and to annul bidding process at any time prior to contract award as defined in Clause 33(1) of PPRA Rules 2004.