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Overseas warehouse


Overseas Warehouse
Our company has its own warehouses in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other places in China. Customers can put their goods in our warehouses. We provide customers with one-stop door-to-door service. We also have our own overseas warehouses in Uzbestan, Pakistan and Nigeria, and companies can put products in our warehouses.

Warehousing transit
The customer can store the goods in our warehouse in advance, and after the customer finds a suitable buyer, we will deliver the goods to the address designated by the customer.

Agency service (wholesale and retail)
Customers send goods to overseas warehouses, and the warehouse accepts the goods and counts them on the warehouse system. Customers can place orders in the system or offline, and we will deliver the goods as quickly as possible.

Product Testing
For products returned and exchanged by customers, we provide inspection services, including simple technical inspections, appearance inspections and accessories inspections.

OVERS (3)Return/Exchange Service
When the buyer requests an exchange due to the quality of the product itself, we can provide the customer with a return and exchange service.