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povide logistics and transportation services for new energy vihicles and second-hand vehicles

World Class Supply Chain (Hebei Free Trade Zone) Co., Ltd. is a trade import and export enterprise, with sufficient overseas resources and channels, the current bulk goods are as follows:

Industrial  bulk  goods: Textile / home textile / energy products, etc,industrial salt, lithium, copper, chromium, lead-zinc, gold, gold zinc, iron, plutonium, antimony; crops: soybean, corn, sesame, sesame, peanut, mung bean, white sugar; frozen categories: chicken feet, chicken wings, frozen shrimp, frozen beef and mutton; other categories: wool, cattle, sheep oil and other bulk goods.

In addition, our company exports second-hand cars and second-hand equipment. If Chinese enterprises are interested in joint venture with foreign enterprises with equipment and technology, we can provide one-stop services, including import and export customs clearance services for goods.


Since its establishment, the company to “integrity management, customer service” for the purpose, has established an efficient and rigorous service system, at the same time pay attention to strengthen the information construction of the enterprise, continue to provide customers with the most efficient, the most comprehensive, the most accurate information services, timely and accurate to provide all-round services. In today’s ever-changing era, let us maintain a harmonious speed and reach the other shore together.


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Post time: Aug-09-2023