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The Average Export Price Of The First Batch Of New Energy Second-Hand Cars In Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang Reaches Us$19,000

On April 26, 21 small new energy second-hand vehicles were cleared at the Ili Khorgos port and exported to Uzbekistan via Kazakhstan. This marked the success of the first voyage in Ili, Xinjiang, which is the second batch of second-hand car export businesses in the country, and achieved a good start. . This batch of exported vehicles brings together multiple corporate brands, with a total value of 410,000 U.S. dollars and an average unit price of up to 19,000 U.S. dollars. Currently, the average unit price of second-hand car exports nationwide is 4,816 US dollars.
At the launch ceremony for the export of second-hand cars in Xinjiang (Ili Prefecture), Jiao Yimin, Secretary of the CPPCC Party Leadership Group of Ili Prefecture, Rong Jun, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Autonomous Region Commerce Department, Lan Shengbin, Deputy Commissioner of Urumqi Customs, and Hao Jianmin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Ili Prefecture and Secretary of the Horgos Municipal Party Committee , Chen Xiang, a member of the Party Leadership Group of the Yili Prefecture Government and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Jiangsu Aid-Iraq Command, and other guests jointly promoted Jinsha, launched the second-hand car export launch ceremony, and then visited the second-hand car customs clearance process.
The event was sponsored by the People’s Government of Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture. The Autonomous Region Department of Commerce, Public Security Department, Ecological Environment Department, Market Supervision Administration, Urumqi Customs, and Xinjiang Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation were the supporting units. The municipal people’s government undertakes this. The picture “We are exporting second-hand cars, but also’new’ cars”. Zhu Yong, deputy director of the Autonomous Region’s Department of Commerce, said in his speech that the new work is innovative in stabilizing foreign trade. Since the start of the national second-hand car export in 2019, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security, and the General Administration of Customs have successively issued 4 documents to solve policy obstacles such as transfer, cancellation, and customs clearance. The first batch of regions have achieved batch exports, which has become a new growth in foreign trade. point. The innovation of new means to promote the dual cycle is an important way to promote the upgrading of domestic automobile consumption, and it is also a useful exploration to accelerate the mutual promotion of the domestic and international dual cycles of the automobile industry. At present, there are 287 million vehicles in the country and 6.5 million vehicles in Xinjiang, laying a solid foundation for the export of second-hand vehicles. Xin is creating a carrier innovation for opening up the highlands to the west. As a key node city for opening to the west, Khorgos City will seize the opportunity of second-hand export, coordinate long-term planning and layout, and make every effort to build an automobile industrial park integrating exhibition, sales, maintenance, warehousing, logistics, and testing, which will help the channel economy to the port. economic development. Supporting Yili’s second-hand car export business is another move taken by the Ministry of Commerce to implement the spirit of the Third Central Xinjiang Work Symposium. Xinjiang will take advantage of location advantages, port advantages, peripheral market advantages, vehicle and parts exports, and after-sales service industry advantages and policies Combining advantages, attaching great importance from top to bottom, forming a synergy of work. Establish a coordination mechanism in a short time, issue a work plan, and set up a special class for second-hand car export. From publicizing policies, issuing market guidelines, guiding companies to make up for shortcomings in international marketing, selecting and filing companies, to opening up the entire process of used car transfer registration, vehicle cancellation, license issuance, and customs clearance facilitation, a number of tasks are planned in advance.
It is reported that the relevant second-hand car export enterprises in Xinjiang are currently grasping the demand for new-energy second-hand cars in the surrounding market, actively connecting with customers online, and signing an export order for 40 more vehicles. At the same time, it will explore new business models and models such as online sales and offline after-sales, which will lay the foundation for the next step of scale expansion, benefit creation and characteristics, and promote the high-quality development of used car exports.

Post time: May-21-2021